Getting to know Nordic’s Managed Services

Since our Managed Services solution came on the scene a couple years ago, we’ve received some frequently-asked questions about this group: Does your Managed Services team really have its own, dedicated space at your home office? Do you actually hire team members without direct EHR experience? Do your team leads really start meetings with BuzzFeed quizzes?

OK, we may not get that last question, but we often get asked about the team’s second-floor space, range of experience, and unique culture. So, to help set the record straight, we went to the source. In the video below, our Managed Services team members offer a peek behind the screen, sharing what it’s like to be a part of our remote services team. As you’ll see, this tight-knit group is a lot less “remote” than you’d think.

If you like what you see and are interested in joining our Managed Services team, check out our full list of Managed Services current openings.



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