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Achieving a return on your EHR investment in 2018 and beyond [2-min. video]

Whatever your strategic IT priorities in 2018, we're here to listen and help. Client Partnerships EVP Michelle Lichte talks through our evolving solutions.


Keys to a successful requirements gathering process [#HIMSS17]

Nordic Manager of Optimization Solutions Kelsey Bonney explains the importance of a collaborative and dynamic process to keep all stakeholders involved.


You’ve got 1,000 questions; we’ve got answers: Nordic’s collective knowledge sharing tool

Nordic developed Insight, a collective knowledge tool for our employees to ask questions and share answers through a digital platform.


You : your EHR :: Me : my skis

What can you learn from cross country skiing that will help your EHR run more efficiently? See what the experts can do to improve your performance.


Are you ready for bundled payments? Increased quality and safety reporting measures?

Medicare’s 2016 Inpatient and Outpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS/OPPS) final rules are published. We break down how it could impact your EHR.


HIT Breakdown 9 – The fifth step in our population health model: Measurement

In today’s show we discuss the fifth, and last, step: measurement. Looking at measurement, we discover a two-pronged approach that helps healthcare providers improve patient outcomes and those processes to get there.


HIT Breakdown 8 – The fourth step in our population health model: Intervention

For today’s show we look at the fourth step: intervention. Using congestive heart failure (CHF) as an example, we learn how healthcare providers are taking steps to actively intervene in patients' health outcomes.


HIT Breakdown 5 - The second step in our population health model: Stratification

In today’s show we’re going to take a deep dive into the second step of our Population Health methodology - Stratification.


The week of #HIMSS15 through Nordic's Twitter Feed

If you weren't able to attend HIMSS15, or you are curious to see it through the lens of Nordic's Twitter feed, here's your chance to relive some of the highlights.


HIT Breakdown 2 - What does a great population health program look like?

Dr. David Levin (Nordic) and Susan Marks (Amati Health) explain what makes a great population health program and a five-step model you can use to move closer to the improved outcomes you are after.



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