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Tech-savvy and team-oriented? Managed Services wants you

Rick Schmitz shares his advice for candidates who are technical experts seeking Managed Services roles.

consulting tips

How to travel for business and stay healthy, happy, and sane

Are you traveling for business, or thinking about it? Beth Jones, RN, shares tips to stay healthy and happy on the road.

consulting tips

Can you consult from a remote island in the middle of the ocean?

If you're thinking about consulting, but you don't have the most traditional lifestyle, Jennifer Novotney's story may be of interest to you.

consulting tips

Thinking about Managed Services consulting? Here's everything you need to know

If you're considering Managed Services consulting, Ella Maloney answers all the questions that may be on your mind and discusses why she loves her job.

consulting tips

How to get experience outside your original application

Looking to broaden your horizons and build experience outside your Epic application? Senior Consultant Chris Chandre has some tips to help you grow your reach.

consulting tips

6 tips to help build a long-term relationship with your client

If you're approaching the end of your consulting contract (or starting a new one), don't miss Chad Stanek's tips on securing an extension starting on day one.

consulting tips

Will I be able to advance in my career as a consultant?

Worried consulting will limit your career growth? Not so. Senior Consultant Bob Sheridan shares how he's been able to advance exponentially as a consultant.

consulting tips

Starting a new client contract? 6 tips to hit the ground running on-site

Are you starting a new EHR consulting contract? Jes Adams has some advice for you to hit the ground running once you start.

consulting tips

How to nurture your passion project while you consult

Consulting with Nordic doesn't have to mean giving up your passions. Learn how Senior Consultant Alicia Pope has turned her love for food into a thriving blog.

consulting tips

10 pieces of advice for new healthcare consultants

Thinking of becoming a healthcare IT consultant? Here, 10 of our tenured Nordic consultants tell us what they wish they'd known when they started.



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