A quick intro to optimizing and refreshing your EHR performance

Maybe your providers are unhappy with your EHR, or you're losing revenue that was supposed to increase after your implementation. Maybe you're behind on upgrades and can't deliver the same features that your providers are seeing at other organizations. Whatever your issue with the EHR, we likely have some ideas to fix it, and we want to help.



If you’re a healthcare leader, you’ve probably heard some of these complaints about your EHR: “Our system is older and doesn’t have the new features that I hear about. Why aren’t we taking the available updates?”

“The EHR was supposed to help us realize revenue opportunities. How do we improve our revenue cycle without reinventing the wheel?”

“The system doesn’t support our workflows, and our providers don’t feel like they have a system that works for them.”

At Nordic, we understand part of the challenge is the volume of opportunity and complexity. With so many priorities, you may feel unprepared to figure out where to start. That’s why we’re here. We want to figure out what hurts in your EHR and make it better.

Each of your problems has a solution, and matching them up is part of the challenge. From knowing which features to add with your next upgrade to using data to drive decisions to helping you get patients more engaged with your patient portal to uncovering issues in your revenue cycle, Nordic can dissect your challenges and provide solutions.

Tell us where it hurts. We’ll take is from there.


Topics: EHR optimization

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