Achieving a return on your EHR investment in 2018 and beyond [2-min. video]

Whatever your strategic IT priorities in 2018, we're here to listen and help. Client Partnerships EVP Michelle Lichte talks through our evolving solutions.

Epic Consulting

How Haitian high schoolers made me a better healthcare consultant

Senior Consultant Eric Chow discusses his journey to help Haitian high schoolers develop a community garden in their hometown of Pignon.

Epic affiliate management

Consolidating your EHR after a merger or acquisition [podcast]

So you've merged with or acquired another healthcare organization – now what about your EHR? Our experts walk you through their tips for consolidation.


A quick and easy intro to designing an EHR training program

Are you implementing Epic and thinking through your training strategy? Lauren gives a few tips for designing a strategy that works.

Managed Services Success

Tech-savvy and team-oriented? Managed Services wants you

Rick Schmitz shares his advice for candidates who are technical experts seeking Managed Services roles.

mergers and acquisitions

Is your EHR setting up your merger or acquisition for success?

If your health system is merging or acquiring with another organization, your EHR can be the springboard to a great partnership. Learn more from Abby Polich.

Epic project management

How to identify an excellent project manager

Do you know the characteristics that make a great project manager? Our optimization expert Lindsey Manzuk shares five tips for spotting one.

Managed Services Success

How Loma Linda engaged one partner to tackle Connect and Tier 2 maintenance

Loma Linda Executive Director of Community Connect Doug Turner discusses key performance indicators for LLU's successful first large Community Connect project.

Life at Nordic

Could singing opera make you a better healthcare consultant? Q&A with Shane Magargal

Nordic Senior Consultant Shane Magargal isn't just a healthcare expert; he's also an opera singer. See how he found his passion and balances it with his career.

communication strategies

How to communicate effectively during your EHR transition [podcast]

Everyone talks about communication, but it's the rare person who has mastered it. Our implementation experts show you how to communicate as your EHR goes live.

Life at Nordic

How to travel for business and stay healthy, happy, and sane

Are you traveling for business, or thinking about it? Beth Jones, RN, shares tips to stay healthy and happy on the road.

Epic optimization

The solution to physician burnout? Don’t blame the EHR, optimize it.

Fixing provider efficiency issues doesn't mean throwing the (EHR) baby out with the bathwater. Joel Martin explains how EHRs aren't the sole reason for burnout.

Data & Analytics

Are you tapping into the well of EHR data at your fingertips? [2-minute video]

You have a repository of complex data sitting in your EHR – are you taking advantage of it? Eric Pennington walks you through what Nordic can offer you.

Epic Consulting

How to find the "human moments" in EHR implementation (and other lessons)

Senior Consultant Sheri Long uses her clinical experience to


Nordic biked 5,867 miles this summer. Don't act like you're not impressed.

Nordic took to the trails (and roads and parks) this summer for our yearly biking challenge. Check out the stats and photos of our summer of biking!

Epic Consulting

How I’m pursuing my dream without giving up my consulting job

You don't have to give up your passions when you consult. Read about Ike Glinsmann's journey all over the world -- while maintaining his consulting position.

population health

How the University of Maryland Medical System used its EHR to improve HIV/HCV care

University of Maryland Medical System optimized their EHR with the goal of increasing HIV/HCV testing and driving better care for a vulnerable population.

Epic Consulting

What do our consultants do in their free time? Q&A with Keith Brick

Our consultants have unique passions - check out Keith Brick's story about photographing the wilderness while succeeding in his role as a Nordic consultant.


Nordic Open House 2017: Video and photos of a star-studded night

On Monday, Sept. 25, more than 400 guests visited Nordic's home office for drinks, conversation, snacks, and one of the best health IT parties of 2017.


How do I plan for a successful EHR go-live? [podcast]

Going live with Epic is one of the more exciting, challenging experiences your organization will ever undertake. Here's our advice for going live successfully.

Epic project management

Four common pitfalls in project management (and how to improve)

Are you struggling to find great project managers or grow your existing ones? Here, we outline the four areas PMs struggle – and how to improve in each area.


Can you consult from a remote island in the middle of the ocean?

If you're thinking about consulting, but you don't have the most traditional lifestyle, Jennifer Novotney's story may be of interest to you.

improved outcomes

Using the longitudinal plan of care to drive better outcomes [podcast]

The longitudinal plan of care could vastly improve patient health, but organizations often don't use it to its full extent. Learn how to leverage the LPOC.

Epic Consulting

Thinking about Managed Services consulting? Here's everything you need to know

If you're considering Managed Services consulting, Ella Maloney answers all the questions that may be on your mind and discusses why she loves her job.


And the nominees (for the best places to visit in Madison) are …

While you're in Madison this September, make sure to stop by these great city hotspots (and don't forget to RSVP to Nordic's Open House!).

consulting tips

How to get experience outside your original application

Looking to broaden your horizons and build experience outside your Epic application? Senior Consultant Chris Chandre has some tips to help you grow your reach.

consulting tips

6 tips to help build a long-term relationship with your client

If you're approaching the end of your consulting contract (or starting a new one), don't miss Chad Stanek's tips on securing an extension starting on day one.

revenue cycle

Why you should prioritize a service area merge for your healthcare organization

Unifying your hospital service areas is a critical part of integration, but it can feel daunting. Here, Rick Shepardson walks you through the key benefits.

consulting tips

Will I be able to advance in my career as a consultant?

Worried consulting will limit your career growth? Not so. Senior Consultant Bob Sheridan shares how he's been able to advance exponentially as a consultant.

consulting tips

Starting a new client contract? 6 tips to hit the ground running on-site

Are you starting a new EHR consulting contract? Jes Adams has some advice for you to hit the ground running once you start.

change management

Why change management is critical to a successful EHR transition [podcast]

If you're implementing, changing, or rolling out your EHR to partners, change management is a crucial part of the process. Nordic explains how to do it right.

Epic Consulting

Are you doing these small things to build a great client relationship?

As a consultant, part of your job is to build a great relationship with your client. Senior Consultant Nate Bjork walks us through a few key steps to doing so.

Data & Analytics

What data can reveal about the drivers of hospital readmissions [podcast]

Readmissions cost hospitals money -- but their cause isn't easy to isolate. Tim Grilley chats with Lisa Maenner about using data to lower readmissions.

Epic Consulting

How to nurture your passion project while you consult

Consulting with Nordic doesn't have to mean giving up your passions. Learn how Senior Consultant Alicia Pope has turned her love for food into a thriving blog.


How to get two steps ahead of clinical integration issues [13-min. video]

Are you anticipating clinical integration issues with your EHR? Nordic Senior Consultant Sheri Long shares her "lessons learned" from hundreds of integrations.

Life at Nordic

10 pieces of advice for new healthcare consultants

Thinking of becoming a healthcare IT consultant? Here, 10 of our tenured Nordic consultants tell us what they wish they'd known when they started.



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