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Keeping patients healthy is your primary responsibility. Through our integrated methodologies, we find ways to improve care while saving time before, during, and after treatment.

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Learn how data & analytics can help improve clinical efficiency.

Solutions packages

Proactive scheduling
  • Impact: Use the EHR to schedule visits and procedure orders, notify patients of new openings, and implement automated calling for patient appointment notifications.
  • Estimated time: 14-19 weeks
  • Potential benefit*: $950K annually
  • Impact: Implement MyChart-based e-visits for more convenient access to care and larger provider panel size.
  • Estimated time: 9-13 weeks
  • Potential benefit*: Variable
Chronic care management
  • Impact: Structure your care team and build efficient workflows to track, treat, and better manage chronically-ill patients while preparing for value-based payment.
  • Estimated time: 8-16 weeks
  • Potential benefit*: $500K annually
Provider experience improvement
  • Impact: Unlock insights from your EHR data combined with industry best practices to demonstrably increase satisfaction and system adoption.
  • Estimated time: 3-9 months, depending on scope
  • Potential benefit: Improved provider satisfaction, workflow efficiency, and clinical care
Clinical documentation improvement
  • Impact: Improve clinical documentation strategies, workflows, and tool adoption to enhance quality, outcomes, and MU metrics.
  • Estimated time: 10-12 weeks
  • Potential benefit*: $1.5M annually
*Potential benefit includes new revenue, accelerated A/R, one-time gains, and annualized gains. Discrete estimates by benefit type established within solution engagement. Organization-specific benefit opportunities will vary.

The Nordic difference

60% Epic
25% Clinical
15% IT
Consultant Backgrounds
800 Consultants
Lean Six Sigma-inspired methodologies & processes


  • Coordinate and improve patient access
  • Integrate teleheath and e-visit capabilities


  • Improve areas of specialty, usability, clinical documentation, and process
  • Support clinical decision-making


  • Transition care management
  • Improve chronic care management

Nordic & Allina Health improve provider efficiency and satisfaction

What Nordic helped us to do is to take the raw data from that [the EHR] and operationalize it using a dashboard so we could see it trended over time. We could use it more dynamically, we could focus in on our provider or pull out and focus on the organization specialty or a department.

Matt Shadden, Data Analyst, Allina Health System, Minneapolis, MN

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