Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Enabling efficiency and provider satisfaction in a virtual environment


Many healthcare organizations spend millions on enterprise IT systems but struggle to enable teams to efficiently use them, especially in a remote workplace. Nordic’s team of certified trainers capitalize on Nordic’s Virtual Training Toolkit to design and deliver a customized training program that ensures your providers and end users are efficient and satisfied with your chosen technology.

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You want to rapidly deploy an effective virtual training program

At Nordic, we know the need to effectively and efficiently educate your users in a virtual environment has become pressing for many organizations. The problem is that it’s not quite as simple as taking the materials that work for you in the classroom and presenting them with a virtual training platform. In order to be effective, virtual training needs to be thoughtfully designed to be engaging and digestible, while also accessible to your users on whatever device they have at home. 

You need a guide with proven success

While it seems simple, successfully tackling the conversion from in-person to virtual training is a major undertaking for your team. You deserve to work with a team that has a proven track record in rapidly deploying a virtual training program across the enterprise. A team that comes prepared with a methodology and toolkit to assist you, ensuring that you can be successful quickly. 

Working together

Here's how we'll work together to ensure your success:

Front-end assessment

We meet with you to identify metrics for success through a front-end assessment.

Development and execution

Our team of trained educators develops and execute a program to fit your needs.

monitor outcomes

We assess the effectiveness of the program, its formats, and the workflow.

Continued success

Together, we work to ensure long-term success for your organization.

Stop losing time and resources by creating your program from scratch. Let us create a fully virtual training program for your unique needs.

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