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Version 1.0

  • Initial release of Registry Direct with:
    • Full support for the GWTG-HF module
    • HIPAA-compliant security controls utilizing cloud security frameworks
    • SFTP inbound and outbound file integration
    • Integration with the following APIs: Patient (STU3), Observation (vital signs) (STU3), Observation (laboratory) (STU3), Observation (smoking-history) (STU3), MedicationStatement (STU3), Condition (STU3), Immunization (DSTU2), Procedure (DSTU2), Device (DSTU2), AllergyIntolerance (STU3), Epic-FlowsheetID, Epic-SDE, Epic-GetPatientIdentifier
    • CSV – write capabilities
    • XML - write and transfer capabilities
    • Client-specific data mapping per-data element (per-header)
    • “Positive” and “Negative” pick-list value identification and utilization
    • Validation utilities for client data validation processes
  • Full Azure integration
  • Implementation Build Tracker and Epic Implementation Guide (produced by Epic)

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