Go live and love it

Bogged down with support and maintenance work? Let us resolve your support tickets so you can focus on end-users during and after go-live. Our experienced remote ticket resolution team integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow to quickly stabilize your environment regardless of ticket volume.


Comprehensive Tier 2 support

Our go-live ticket resolution solutions sit immediately downstream from the help desk, focusing squarely on the break/fix work, troubleshooting, maintenance, and requests for change that can quickly pile up in a short amount of time following go-live.


Help Desk

  • Call Staffing and Case Creation
  • Case Documentation
  • Real-Time Resolution
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Password Resets
  • General Triage and Call Routing


Application Analysts

  • Issue Response & Management (Incident)
  • System Configurations (Request for Change)
  • Proactive System Improvements
  • Report Writing
  • Testing Management For SU/Upgrades
  • On Call Support


Software Support

  • Epic Support
  • Vetted Cases
  • Engineering Liaison
  • Quality Assurance

BE READY FOR THE UNEXPECTED Go-live issues aren't always easy to predict. Our cross-certified experts are prepared to take on unforeseen problems and resolve them quickly. Need more help with certain applications and less with others? We flex coverage around your particular areas of need and evolve with each stage of your go-live.

STABILIZE YOUR EHR ENVIRONMENT QUICKLY Our extensive knowledge and problem-solving experience minimizes disruption to normal operations, enabling you to focus on patient engagement. We've seen (and solved) it all.

FORECAST & REDUCE SUPPORT COSTS Our Managed Services team brings experience and lessons learned from supporting hundreds of go-lives. Eliminate the need for additional equipment and space by using us as an efficient remote command center. 

MEASURE SUCCESS You choose the metrics for measuring our success. In addition to meeting turnaround times, we do everything we can to ensure both your end users and IT teams are satisfied with our results.

EXPERTISE FROM EXPERIENCE Our senior staff combine a passion for problem-solving with best practices from past experiences to optimize systems as quickly and effectively as possible.

Go-live support success

Organization: Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Scope: Enterprise


  • Integrated with Wheaton analysts to provide a successful go-live element for over 5,000 end users
  • Combined to resolve 66% of week 1 tickets within 48 hours

Organization: Lahey Health

Scope: Enterprise


  • Provided enterprise support accross 17 applications allowing Lahey's team to focus on upcoming implementations
  • Closed over 4,300 tickets in total and 2,700 tickets in the first 14 weeks post go-live


Organization: Academic Medical Center

Scope: Enterprise


  • Closed more than 2,100 tickets
  • Comprised 10% of total staff and closed 20% of the issues

A methodology for success

Go-live Ticket Volume (003)

Free yourself to focus on what matters most during and after go-live.

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