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Healthcare organizations have invested time, money, and resources to move to an enterprise electronic medical record, which creates a complex healthcare data asset. Our holistic Data & Analytics team comprised of Epic-certified consultants, analytics developers, and data scientists can help unlock hidden insights from this data and propel your organization into action.

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Data services

Integrate data into Epic

Whether you're moving to a value-based care model or building a digital strategy from scratch, a complete picture of patient data using non-Epic data sources such as socioeconomic, payer, patient satisfaction surveys, etc., is becoming a top requirement. Epic provides numerous options to integrate external data such as standards based messaging (HL7, CCD), web services integration, and extract, transfer, load (ETL) adapters.

Nordic’s Data Integration Services starts with understanding your unique business needs to integrate external data and provides a combination of

  • Healthcare data experts to analyze and design external data sets
  • Epic-certified consultants and engineers to integrate data using Epic and other tools

Report on your data

Do you need capacity to reduce your ever-increasing report backlog? Do you need to extract data from your EHR to submit to other business parties?

Nordic’s Reporting Services provides Epic-certified consultants with a combined experience of 2,700+ Clarity reports across all Epic modules, allowing us to be prescriptive and efficient in our report delivery. Our services team can adapt to your existing tools and processes, with further flexibility around

  • Consultant location - fully remote, onsite, or hybrid
  • Pricing - fixed fee, time, and materials
  • Delivery scale - to meet your time sensitive business initiatives

Manage your data asset

Your healthcare data is dynamic and constantly evolving. Continual monitoring and maintenance of this data asset is critical to keep your upstream operational activities running smoothly. In addition, healthcare organizations are struggling to recruit and retain talent to efficiently manage this data asset.

Nordic’s Data Management Services is a service-level agreement (SLA) based offering to monitor and manage data processes by adapting to your existing change control procedures. Our service offering includes

  • Upgrade and maintenance of Epic ETL processes
  • Ongoing monitoring and issue resolution
  • An expert team with decades of experience with Epic ETL

Advisory services

Take on the hard problems

You went live on Epic, so what’s your next big initiative? Move to a value-based care model, establish an enterprise digital strategy, venture into personalized medicine?

At the heart of Nordic’s Advisory Services is our ability to comprehend the business needs from multiple perspectives, align with your unique organization landscape, and create a clear execution path. Our team of seasoned strategists have helped customers embark on complex and foundational initiatives in areas such as

  • Enterprise data and analytics strategy
  • Data governance
  • Population health

Analytics solutions

Derive insights from your data

You've expended time, effort, and money investing in an EHR, which creates a rich data asset. Are you using this data effectively to derive insights around your key performance indicators? Are you able to identify patterns and trends to zero in on specific problem areas?

Leveraging agile methodologies and processes, Nordic’s Analytics Solutions teams have helped numerous organizations define, design, and develop dashboards using cutting edge visualization technologies and platforms. Some examples of our experience

  • Population health – ACO dashboards, costs, utilization and network usage, risk stratification
  • Clinical  readmissions, throughput, hospital-acquired conditions, hospitalist metrics
  • Revenue – revenue cycle management, denials management, risk adjustment
  • Efficiency – provider efficiency, provider accessibility, open encounters

Deliver better care with data prediction

Nordic's Data Scientists can quantify hard-to-measure information to uncover connections in your data. We'll help you develop algorithms to identify actionable insights for improved patient care and reduced costs. 

  • Predictive analytics – We use advanced data analytics tools to simplify and distill your data, providing your organization the most critical information to prepare for the future needs of your patients. 
  • Healthcare expertise  Our expertise in Epic's predictive analytics tools and healthcare data enables us to create customized, results-driven algorithms. 
  • Data tools & team – Our team of scientists and statisticians has deep experience in a wide variety of statistical tools and can develop in any language your organization uses.
  • Workflow integration – We leverage customized workflow integration strategies to create, test, and deploy data integration and extraction packages to make predictions actionable. 

Why Nordic Data & Analytics?

  • Breadth and depth of technology expertise in multiple areas such as applications (Epic), platforms (Cache, Microsoft SQL, Oracle), and visualizations (Qlik, PowerBI, Tableau, SAP) required for enterprise projects

  • Data scientists and developers who apply advanced modeling and development techniques to provide deeper insights from data

  • Shared knowledge among Nordic's experts in optimization, revenue cycle, and population health allows you to close identified gaps

With Nordic, the value that we get in an hour of a consultant’s time is at least two to three times what we pay. That is hard to say for any consulting company. Any providers who get to use Nordic are not disappointed. I would recommend Nordic IT in a heartbeat.


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