Life at NORDIC

Life at Nordic in our own words

Our Nordic team members describe what life at Nordic means to them – from our 11 maxims to our people-focused culture to the debate over 3rd floor/4th floor coffee in the home office. 


Katy Ptaszynski, senior consultant, discusses the importance of the maxims, "Be open and direct" and "Listen."


Blake Sollenberger, senior consultant, talks about a time when he was asked to, "Embrace the gray." 


Ellen Traeger, senior consultant, explains why you should, "In chaos, fear, and confusion, be a rock."


Jackie Hoong, senior consultant, discusses the maxim, "Think, act, adapt with urgency." 


Jenny Dahl, graphic designer and marketing specialist, talks about the maxim "Assume the best intentions."


Leah Anderson, Candidate Relations director, encourages you to "Act like an owner." 


Katherine Sager, EVP of Consulting Services, talks about the maxim, "Make it about we." 


Kristi Kempe, director of business development, chats about her work to "Embrace the gray" and "Grow. Teach." 


Jackie Hoong, senior consultant, discusses the maxim, "Grow. Teach."


Nordic's team talks about the biggest thing that makes us different: our people. 


Usha Vas, senior consultant, talks about why it's critical to, "Grow. Teach." 


Nordic's home office dives into the debate that divides the office: 3rd floor or 4th floor coffee?


Bridget Bell, practice manager, talks about her favorite maxim: "Be you." 


Senior Consultant Chris Chandre discusses how he preps for a new contract, the best barbecue joint in Kansas City, and how to avoid corporate buzzwords.


Josh Kalscheur, senior practice director of Advisory Services, encourages you to "Embrace the gray."


Vivek Swaminathan, president of Managed Services, says why it's important to, "Be open and direct."


Elizabeth Kerch-Briggs, account director of Client Partnerships, chats about her drive to "Listen." 


The Managed Services team offers a sneak peak into what it's like to be a part of our remote services team.


Kyle Rohr, Senior Consultant with the Revenue Cycle Transformation team, explains why "Embrace the gray" is so meaningful to him. 


Yunnie Webb, Senior Consultant with the Revenue Cycle Transformation team, talks about why "Listen" is so important in her day-to-day role.


Senior Consultant Megan Rice discusses everything from the challenges of working on mental health implementations to break room cleanliness and minor auto theft.