ThedaCare partners with Nordic for year-long enterprise-wide Epic Refresh optimization project, returning $18 million

Project Scope Overview

  • Corporate Headquarters: Appleton, WI
  • Facilities: 3 hospitals, 4 critical access hospitals, 35 clinics
  • Number of Beds: 545
  • Number of Physicians: 620
  • Number of Employees: 6,000+

The Nordic Team

  • 14 Nordic analysts
  • 5 Revenue/Access application analysts
  • 6 clinical application analysts
  • 1 reporting analyst
  • 1 security analyst
  • 1 project manager
  • 200 combined years of Epic experience
  • 100 total Epic certifications


  • The project saved more than 50 FTEs through attrition and reassignment.
  • Combined service areas and billing offices led to one patient, one bill.
  • Improved tools produced measurable increases in accurate and timely documentation.

ThedaCare initially went live on Epic in 1998 and continued to roll out new modules to its seven hospitals, 35 clinics, and nearly 620 providers over the next 15 years. Over the years, gaps grew among different areas of the organization and with Epic’s best practice configuration. These gaps left opportunities to improve care, increase efficiency, and save money throughout the organization. 

Nordic’s team completed a rapid, enterprise-wide assessment of workflows, features, and configuration, focusing on gaps with current Epic capabilities for system configuration and how users interacted. Nordic’s team completed a rapid, enterprise-wide assessment of the software. The assessment highlighted over 200 enhancement opportunities, implementation details, and ROI projections for each.

ThedaCare used a projected $18 million five-year return to secure organization-wide commitment to a year-long “Epic Refresh,” including over $5 million in capital funding. Over the course of 12 months, Nordic consultants worked with ThedaCare IT and operational resources to provide guidance, mentorship, and technical expertise to all areas of the project. Teaming with ThedaCare IT analysts ensured knowledge remained within the organization for long-term support. Partnering with operational leadership helped to achieve key program metrics and many more project-level metrics.


Nordic was invaluable in helping ThedaCare IT leaders identify the gaps and describe the organizational impact of those gaps and then partner with our team to deliver the results.


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