Nordic Managed Services takes full ownership of MaineHealth’s Epic provider database maintenance

Project Scope Overview

  • Client Corporate Headquarters: Portland, ME
  • Facilities: 11 hospitals, 7 sub-acute care facilities, 189 clinics
  • Number of Beds: 1,300+
  • Number of Providers: 1,300+
  • Number of Employees: 18,000+


  • Resolved close to 400 tickets related to SER database and maintenance in the first month of the project
  • Average number of unresolved tickets per day dropped 85% (from 20 to 3)
  • Time spent on SER maintenance reduced 90% (from an average of 50 hours to 5 hours per week)
  • Ability to focus more work time on provider-related reports/work queues with no need for knowledge transfers between multiple owners
  • High service ratings on end-user surveys, matching the ratings given to the MaineHealth team
  • Seamless end user transition, with most end users not realizing there was new ownership of SER maintenance
  • Enhanced documentation based on the experience of Nordic’s Remote Solutions team

In January 2015, MaineHealth partnered with Nordic to support the daily maintenance of its provider (SER) database to reduce the volume of maintenance work of the SER team, thereby increasing their ability to give necessary attention to additional Epic projects and support issues.

In choosing to partner with Nordic for this support, MaineHealth received the same high-quality support and built up IT analyst satisfaction levels by allowing them to focus on other strategic work. Nordic engaged in one week of onboarding to learn MaineHealth processes. By the second week, Nordic was fully remote and taking full responsibility of resolving SER tickets.


My team is extremely happy, as partnering with Nordic has provided time for them to focus on their application-specific tasks, while allowing them to dig into more analyst work, as SER maintenance was preventing them from professional growth in that area. Because of this partnership, my team has been able to take on a CDI software implementation that was larger than presented, balance a large review of production support issues related to coding work queues, review simple visit coding, and keep up with build demands for a double upgrade.


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