Bellin launches Chronic Care Management and produces results within weeks of project kickoff

Project Scope Overview

  • Client Corporate Headquarters: Green Bay, WI
  • Facilities: 1 hospital, 1 critical access hospital, and 1 psychiatric center
  • Number of Beds: 334
  • Number of Providers: 438
  • Number of Employees: 3,227

The Nordic Team

  • Advisory for best practices
  • Timeline and operational guidance
  • Build tracker and current state analysis
  • Communication plan and stakeholder matrix
  • Training materials and change management materials


  • Project went live on time in June 2012 with a big bang go-live at three hospitals and was significantly under budget for overall implementation services.
  • At three months post-live, Bellin Epic application teams were self-sufficient and working without consultants.
  • Nordic team members successfully coached and equipped their counterparts to independently own the system.
  • All hospital departments reported <2 on the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale within a month of go-live.

In December 2015, Bellin Health, a next generation accountable care organization (ACO), partnered with Nordic to lead the design and implementation of its chronic care management (CCM) program. Bellin used its existing centralized care coordinators as well as RNs embedded in primary care clinics to improve care coordination and patient outcomes.

Nordic worked with Bellin to design efficient and compliant workflows to:

  • Identify eligible CCM patients
  • Streamline patient enrollment with provider discussion, consent, and scanning
  • Monitor enrolled patients and maintain a plan of care
  • Automate charging for eligible patients

Nordic worked with Bellin to leverage Epic’s Healthy Planet Foundation System build to kick-start the project, then expanded on those workflows to meet Bellin’s operational structure and improve patient targeting and tracking.

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