Nordic helps Allina Health use EHR data to increase provider satisfaction

Project Scope Overview

  • Client Corporate Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
  • Clinics: 65
  • Hospitals: 13
  • Number of Beds: 1,803
  • Number of Employees: 29,077

The Nordic Team

  • 1 project manager
  • 1 data analyst


  • Built data dashboards that enabled better view of individual EHR usage 
  • Enabled performance support trainers to implement a tailored approach to end-user training
  • Helped increase overall EHR efficiency among providers who received customized training and workflows
  • Delivered scope of work on time and under budget



Allina Health, a premiere not-for-profit healthcare system based in Minneapolis, was looking to use EHR data to support provider satisfaction initiatives across its clinics. Allina Health wanted to leverage this data to address two main organizational priorities: Increased EHR efficiency among its physicians and improved EHR customization for individual users. The Allina Health information services and data analytics teams knew they had a tremendous amount of data to address these priorities but needed assistance with organizing and analyzing the information.

Allina Health partnered with Nordic to better leverage its EHR data to support provider satisfaction. The Nordic team built out a customized dashboard that helped the Allina Health team view and analyze data trends. With the new dashboard in place, Allina Health could focus on an individual provider’s EHR usage or take a broader view of usage across the entire organization, specialty, or department.

This data analysis directly informed the organization’s clinical training efforts. Allina Health’s performance support trainers were able to use the data to implement a tailored approach to end-user training. The dashboards helped them identify providers who were struggling with certain workflows or training areas they needed to address with certain clinical teams. Upon implementing this data-driven training method, the organization immediately began to see improved provider efficiency.

Some of the Allina Health providers who were supported by the training team are now saving roughly 3 minutes, 8 seconds of EHR time per patient. This time savings has played a significant role in supporting Allina Health’s overall provider satisfaction initiative. 

Leverage your EHR data to increase provider satisfaction.

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