ThedaCare and Nordic collaborate to extend Epic to 20 affiliated facilities

Project Scope Overview

  • Client Corporate Headquarters: Appleton, WI
  • Facilities: 2 critical access hospitals and 18 ambulatory clinics
  • Number of Employees: 600
  • Project Length: 5 months

The Nordic Team

  • 20 senior analysts
  • 1 project manager
  • 7 trainers


  • 90% of issues opened during go-live were resolved within the first two weeks while the Command Center was open.
  • Nordic implementation team partnered with the ThedaCare support team to create a comprehensive transition plan, resulting in a successful transition back to the organization for continued maintenance to the new sites.
  • When the Command Center closed, over 20 areas were reporting “green” status with only 6 reporting “yellow”

In December 2013, ThedaCare, a longstanding and trusted partner, contacted Nordic. ThedaCare had recently affiliated with Community Health Network (CHN) and Wild Rose Hospital. ThedaCare wanted to bring these two critical access hospitals and 18 ambulatory clinics live onto Epic quickly by extending its current build by July 1, 2014 to meet a Meaningful Use deadline. However, with competing priorities, the organization needed a partner to help ensure implementation success on such an aggressive timeline. 

Nordic’s Affiliate Solutions team quickly provided ThedaCare with a plan for an accelerated 19-week implementation of the 20 facilities from discovery to go-live. The Nordic team began work in mid-February to complete gap analysis for the sites and identify unique workflows. The team then built and tested the system while creating training materials with the assistance of seven consultant trainers to train over 600 end users.

Throughout go-live, Nordic provided 60 go-live supporters to assist with the transition during the first two weeks on the new system.


When we were made aware of the need for this project, our first reaction was ‘it can’t be done;’ but the Nordic leaders helped us learn what they could uniquely bring to help us know it could be done. Their partnering with us really made the difference.


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