Roles at NORDIC

Which role at Nordic is right for you?

Here at Nordic, we take our “Be you” maxim seriously. That means whether you like the corporate home office comradery or the thrill of the road, whether you’re experienced in technology or operations or just starting out your career in healthcare, we’ve probably got a role that’s right for you.

If you’re not certain where to apply, we’ve laid out the various types of positions at Nordic below. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us. We are happy to connect.

Epic consultants

Epic consultants work closely with their client to implement, optimize, or otherwise support their Epic system, bringing their elite Epic expertise and leadership skills to deliver lasting value to healthcare organizations. They’re highly motivated, strategic experts who love working with clients to solve problems and make the EHR work to its highest potential.



Epic consultants can live anywhere in the U.S. and generally travel Monday through Thursday to the client site. They are also given the choice of hourly or salaried compensation to fit with their varied lifestyles. When we ask why they choose Nordic, they say it’s simple: Nordic offers a personal touch that is missing at other firms, we take their preferences and concerns seriously, and we’re transparent about our competitive bill rates. Because of their background in Epic, we ask that potential consultants do not engage with us until their non-compete obligations have passed.

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Revenue cycle transformation consultants

Consultants in our revenue cycle transformation practice help our clients solve challenging revenue cycle problems, leading to a better return on their investment and a stronger financial position for the future. The Revenue Cycle Transformation team works collaboratively on multiple revenue cycle projects and travels to client sites across the country.

Our consultants span the range of roles in management consulting, including entry level and veteran consulting openings. The revenue cycle practice consultant excels at thinking holistically in terms of operations and IT to help address problems at their root source, then create the best and tailored solutions for each opportunity. Whatever their background, our consultants are intelligent, analytical, humble people with an absolute focus on client service. They choose Nordic because we offer a stellar consulting culture and unrivaled excellence and results.


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ERP consultants

Our ERP consultants work closely with healthcare clients to implement, optimize, migrate, or otherwise transform their client's ERP system. Much like our Epic consultants, our ERP consultants have deep expertise in ERP processes, as well as the technical knowledge and ability to deliver top-notch results from the system. They specialize in listening to their client, then bringing their technical and process improvement knowledge to help bolster the ERP system function and workflows.

They can live anywhere they’d like in the U.S. and spend their time traveling to various client sites to advise leaders on their ERP selection, strategy, implementation and optimization, then deliver associated project outcomes. In terms of skills, they’re go-getters – the kind of people you can trust to run with opportunities and get things done. They choose Nordic because they like the idea of applying their Oracle, PeopleSoft, or Infor expertise to the country’s best healthcare organizations while receiving the competitive pay and benefits of a top-notch consulting firm.

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Managed services team

Managed Services teammates help Nordic provide application support and maintenance via a remote team model headquartered in our home office in Madison. Rather than traveling to the client site, Managed Services members work remotely on a close-knit team to solve system issues. If you love the energy and collaboration of a growing business line, Nordic Managed Services could be for you. Managed Services teammates love digging into a problem to solve it at the root, as well as providing excellent customer service to our clients.

Many Managed Services team members have Epic experience, but we also have teammates new to health IT; the only requirements are a strong problem-solving ability, a willingness to learn, grit and persistence, and some technical aptitude. Managed Services teammates can work from anywhere with minimal travel, and many choose to work in the Madison home office – it all depends on your personal preference and lifestyle.


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Data & Analytics Team

Data & Analytics is a burgeoning area of health IT, and our team consists of data scientists, business intelligence developers, report writers, visualization experts, and those with expertise in Epic, Cerner, Tableau, Qlik, and other tools.

Like many of our traveling consultants, our D&A team members work for hourly compensation and have a personal touchpoint with their managers in the home office. They can choose to work remotely or from the home office, where we have a small team of Data & Analytics experts. When asked why they choose Nordic, our D&A team members cite the fact that Nordic offers a strong growth path, the opportunity to work on innovative projects around big data and other emerging trends, and one of the best teams in the industry.

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Strategic solutions leaders


Our Strategic Solutions team works with healthcare leaders to tackle the most pressing priorities for their organization by developing and delivering repeatable solutions and methodologies. On a given project, they might be managing a challenging merger, tackling provider inefficiency and dissatisfaction, or understanding how to drive population health with data. These team members combine strategic vision, a collaborative mindset, and a love of our home office culture, no matter where they choose to work from. 

While they’re not on the road Monday through Thursday like traveling consultants, they do travel to meet with CIOs and brainstorm solutions. Whether they work remotely or from the home office, they’re part of the core Nordic team and love the process of collaborating with their smart, motivated colleagues.

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Corporate team

If you value culture, service, and a team atmosphere, you’ll feel at home on Nordic’s corporate team. These are the team members who work to support our consultants, client relationships, and business operations, whether they work in Consulting Services, Client Partnerships, Candidate Relations, HR, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Billing & Reimbursement, Operations, or IT.

The corporate team has an incredible sense of unity and collaboration, with a strong focus on the Nordic maxims (our set of values) and plenty of bonding activities to keep the workplace fun. Plus, they enjoy unlimited results-oriented paid time off, a flexible approach to work/life balance, and significant opportunities for growth. Though our corporate office is headquartered in downtown Madison, we have many team members who work remotely and connect with their teams via video chat and instant message.

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