Excellence, relationships, and results

At its core, Nordic is a culture focused on delivering excellence, building relationships, and providing the greatest results for healthcare providers and patients.

Now we're continuing that focus on relationships and evolving with a myriad of fresh ways to help clients. With new solutions offerings and a broad set of managed services, we have even more opportunities for talented, excellence-driven employees – from the tenured veteran to the recent graduate.

Nordic’s founders wanted to create something that had never existed — a consultancy built to bring the top experts in healthcare IT together by offering a level of choice, support, and appreciation that didn't exist before. This started by building relationships with passionate consultants from a broad range of experiences and backgrounds in search of something better. We listened to discover their strengths as well as the kinds of opportunities that were most interesting to them and where they aspired to take their careers.

But we didn't stop there. We went a step further to understand their lifestyles, families, and what was important to them as people. It's this approach that shaped a culture that elite consultants and industry newcomers strive to join. And we work hard to keep our culture that way, even as we continue to grow.

In parallel with our efforts to build meaningful consultant relationships, we developed this relationship-first approach with our clients. Rejecting the transactional approach to business, we applied the same level of transparency and humanness to the organizations we sought to help. Clients soon came to appreciate what they called our “culture of authenticity.” This human-to-human, partnership-based approach became the foundation for every client relationship we've developed since.

That partnership approach, coupled with a team of the best consultants, has allowed us to achieve unparalleled results in healthcare IT.



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