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We know that many of our best consultants have come from referrals. That's why we want to reward you for introducing Nordic to new consulting candidates. If you know someone who you'd love to see join team Nordic, we want to hear from you.

Please tell us about your referral in the form below.  Our candidate relations team will get in touch with him or her. And here's the best part, for taking the extra effort to introduce us to great consulting candidates, you could be eligible for a bonus. There's a little bit of fine print below with those details. 

Thanks for spreading the word about Nordic and further strenghtening our network!

Program Details

Nordic consultant referral program

Nordic’s consultant referral program is designed and intended to reward individuals who refer candidates who are hired to perform services for our customers. The following guidelines will apply to our referral program:

Referral Qualifications

  • Referred candidates must be referred to Nordic via the referral website page.
  • During double bonus referral periods, candidates must be referred to Nordic via the referral landing page within the determined date range and must be hired by Nordic as a consultant within the determined date range associated with the double referral bonus period. To be eligible to receive a double referral bonus, the referred candidate must be net new to Nordic.
  • There is no limit on the number of candidates a referer can refer.


  • The referral bonus will be awarded only if candidates are hired by Nordic as a consultant and perform a specified number of billable hours.
  • Nordic consultants and candidates and other eligible individuals are eligible to receive a consultant referral bonus.
  • Nordic home office staff is not eligible to receive consultant referral bonuses.
  • If a referred candidate is an existing Nordic candidate, each referrer will be eligible for a portion of the referral bonus. The exact portion is determined by the number of people who have referred the candidate. The referrers will split the payment equally.
  • Nordic may suspend or terminate this referral program at any time and for any reason.

Referral Incentive Payments

  • The total referral bonus amount of $1,000 is paid out in two increments: $500 after 45 days and at least 210 hours of the referred consultant’s project work, and $500 after 90 days and 400 hours of the referred consultant’s project work.
  • For referred candidates hired into the Nordic home office, the referral payout period is $500 after 30 days and $500 after 90 days. Home office referral payments are only awarded to current Nordic employees. Nordic executives are not eligible for referral bonuses.
  • If a candidate is referred by more than one person, each referrer is eligible for a portion of the referral bonus. This portion of the payment amount is determined by the total number of referrers for the candidate. The payments will be paid out in accordance with the schedule above.
  • If a referrer is not a Nordic employee, we might ask for some additional information to be able to complete payments.
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