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Tech-savvy and team-oriented? Managed Services wants you

If you have a technical background, a passion for problem-solving, and a desire to work with a home office team, Nordic’s Managed Services division...

Life at Nordic

Could singing opera make you a better healthcare consultant? Q&A with Shane Magargal

When Nordic Senior Consultant Shane Magargal was 13, he heard the voice of Luciano Pavarotti on a compilation CD, and he knew he had found the great...

Life at Nordic

How to travel for business and stay healthy, happy, and sane

If you’ve ever stood in line for airport security, you know that traveling for business isn’t always glamorous. While most consultants enjoy the...

Life at Nordic

Are you a brilliant woman? We’d like to talk.

The case for investing in women is strong. Research shows that companies with robust female leadership experience lower turnover, greater return on...

Life at Nordic

How to tell if a consulting company is “the one”

Choosing a consulting company can feel a little bit like online dating. From their online presence, every company seems like it could be a match:...

Life at Nordic

What the best healthcare IT consultants do at the end of their contracts

Note: We asked Dan Mau, one of our senior Nordic consultants, to weigh in on what he feels are key steps that the most effective (i.e., the “best”)...

Life at Nordic

Converting to Epic Single Billing Office: Observations from Nordic Senior Consultant Blake Sollenberger [Notes from the field]

Nordic Senior Consultant Blake Sollenberger recently joined us in the home office to share the story of a successful experience he had with a client...

Life at Nordic

6 tips for rocking Nordic’s best* maxim: Listen.

Nordic’s maxims shape who we are and how we interact with those around us. One of those maxims is called “Grow. Teach.” The idea of that maxim is...

Life at Nordic

Nordic launches Strategic Affiliate Management training program

An increasing number of health systems are involved in mergers and acquisitions as well as extending Epic to smaller, independent partners. As a...

Life at Nordic

Meet Joey Vosters: Nordic practice director, cheese carver

By Scott Gierman, Nordic Marketing Team Anyone who has worked in health IT has probably found themselves in a difficult spot that requires creative...



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