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How EHR implementations are getting more creative

In the 1930s, Nestlé had a problem: Thousands of pounds of coffee beans were sitting in warehouses in Brazil, driven by a surplus in beans and sales...


6 essential tips for adding on Epic’s home care applications

With the population aging and value-based care an increasing priority, home healthcare is poised for a boom. If you’re like many healthcare...


Nordic video series on Epic Conversion Planning: MAKING THE CUT – Episode 10 (Rev Cycle)

In our last episode, we looked at the first 24 hours of revenue cycle cutover. In this episode, we’re focused on the first seven days of cutover and,...


Video on Nordic and ThedaCare’s successful affiliate extension project

Last year, ThedaCare, a longstanding trusted partner, faced an extraordinary challenge. After affiliating with Community Health Network and Wild...


Nordic video series: “I Heart Cupid” wrap-up

We hope you enjoyed I Heart Cupid, our recent video series about Epic’s cardiac application, Cupid. If you missed any episodes, we’ve linked them all...


Nordic video series on Epic’s Cupid: “I Heart Cupid” Episode 4

Our Cupid conversations wrap up with Episode 4, discussing communication, staff qualities and implementation stumbling blocks....


Nordic video series on Epic’s Cupid: “I Heart Cupid” Episode 3

We continue the conversation on Epic's Cupid application in Episode 3, discussing differentiators and implementation stumbling blocks, with a light...


Nordic video series on Epic's Cupid: “I Heart Cupid” Episode 2

Episode 2 starts with a discussion on where to phase in Epic's Cupid and then looks at trends we expect to see with Cupid in the future....


Beaker Lab: Planning for Meaningful Use Stage 2

The main focus of Meaningful Use Stage 2 is standardizing your laboratory’s electronic health records and electronically submitting reportable lab...


Nordic video series: “Beaker Buzz” wrap-up

We hope you enjoyed our Beaker Buzz series and that it provided some helpful information to consider and questions to ask if you have been...



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