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How Erlanger Health Systems is using data to improve patient throughput

Erlanger's VP of Patient Logistics shares how her organization uses data to understand and address inefficiencies in patient throughput for better business and patient outcomes.

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Top five ways to rely on legacy Cerner support during your EHR implementation

Need a support plan for your legacy Cerner system during your EHR implementation? Learn how a third-party partner for legacy support can help.

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How to drive efficiencies between your ERP and EHR in OR and beyond [podcast]

Our performance improvement experts discuss how to enhance the integration between your EHR and ERP for increased time savings and cost reduction.

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How Managed Services can support your EHR extension partners [podcast]

Our experts discuss ways you can leverage a remote managed services team to address ongoing support and maintenance tasks for your hub and spokes.

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How to build an effective hub-and-spoke relationship [podcast]

Experts from our Affiliate Solutions team discuss their advice for establishing a strong hub-and-spoke relationship.

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Getting to know Nordic’s Managed Services

Watch this video to learn what it's like to be part of our Managed Services team.

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Looking for a job in healthcare consulting? Here's what you can expect from us.

Our Talent team takes the interview process extremely seriously. Here are a few tenets of our approach to your experience as a candidate.

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