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How to find the "human moments" in EHR implementation (and other lessons)

"Be kind," Ian MacLaren reportedly wrote, "for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." This is definitely true in a stressful or frustrating...

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How I’m pursuing my dream without giving up my consulting job

I had my first interview with Nordic from a campground in Uruguay. As I tried to converse with my future practice director over the birds singing, a...

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What do our consultants do in their free time? Q&A with Keith Brick

When Keith Brick isn’t consulting for Nordic, he’s often 10,000 feet up a mountainside, trying to get just the right angle to capture a sun-dappled...

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Thinking about Managed Services consulting? Here's everything you need to know

Maybe you’re a healthcare consultant who absolutely loves your work but would love to decrease your travel. Perhaps you have a passion for technology...

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Are you doing these small things to build a great client relationship?

Think about the best relationships in your life. They probably have similar characteristics: A high level of trust, respect, and mutual delight in...

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How to nurture your passion project while you consult

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver If you’re like most of us, you know that life isn’t just about work....

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Preparing for a client interview? Don’t forget these three critical steps.

I was recently discussing the topic of preparing for an interview with a friend, and he gave me this advice: "Step one: be awesome. Step two: Not...

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Are you a brilliant woman? We’d like to talk.

The case for investing in women is strong. Research shows that companies with robust female leadership experience lower turnover, greater return on...

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Population Health: An old-school approach to handling requests of your IT team [podcast]

Have you ever sat down with your grandparents, or other "more seasoned" folk, and talked about the the good old days? If so, chances are they've...

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The importance of mentoring in healthcare IT [podcast]

Mentoring is more than just an expert teaching a student, it’s a method of education that allows a deeper level of learning and understanding for the...



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