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How Loma Linda engaged one partner to tackle Connect and Tier 2 maintenance

Today’s health IT teams have to grapple with competing priorities. Whether it’s extending your EHR to affiliate partners, improving end-user...

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How EHR implementations are getting more creative

In the 1930s, Nestlé had a problem: Thousands of pounds of coffee beans were sitting in warehouses in Brazil, driven by a surplus in beans and sales...

Epic Community Connect

A quick and painless intro to rolling out your EHR [2-min. video]

Have you ever tried to convince your friends to watch your new favorite TV show? You know they’ll love it, but they’re a little apprehensive to start...

Epic Community Connect

#HIMSS17 CIOs discuss extending their EHR [CHIME Focus Group]

Extending your EHR, whether through Epic Community Connect or rolling out to a merged or acquired organization, is more than simply sharing...

Epic Community Connect

Community Connect success defined: on time/under budget

“Superlative performance is really a confluence of dozens of small skills or activities, each one learned or stumbled upon, which have been carefully...

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CEO Bruce Cerullo shares a few things you might not know about Nordic

Three years back, if you had asked the team what Nordic does, most would have said we’re the largest Epic consulting firm on the planet or that we...

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What your health IT peers found interesting in 2016

The stories, blog posts, and podcasts your peers found most interesting in 2016 are representative of the way that healthcare IT has been evolving....

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Community Connect versus EpicCare Link: Nordic's take

Are you considering extending your EHR to affilaite partners? Nordic Director of Affiliate Solutions Scott Isaacson briefly explains the difference...

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Training your affiliate partners: 3 best practices

If you're preparing to roll out your EHR to affiliates, you're putting a training plan in place or will be at some point. Here are a few best...

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Rolling out to an owned site versus via Community Connect: Nordic’s take

When extending your EHR, there are many things to consider. Nordic VP of Affiliate Solutions Abby Polich answers a question that clients often ask....



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