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corporate social responsibility

Nordic biked 5,867 miles this summer. Don't act like you're not impressed.

If you've noticed that Team Nordic looks a little leaner, tanner, and more windswept this fall, there's a good reason. This summer, we biked 5,867.4...

corporate social responsibility

Nordic kicks off 2017 Community Giveback Week

With the amount of good fortune we’ve experienced at Nordic over the past seven years, we recognize the importance of giving back and investing in...

corporate social responsibility

A little bit about Nordic's take on corporate social responsibility

At Nordic, we place a high value on supporting the communities in which we live and work through volunteerism and charitable giving. Over the past...

corporate social responsibility

#NordicGivesBack [4-min. recap]

Last week over 140 Nordic consultants and home office team members participated in Nordic’s Community Giveback Week. We’re thankful that we had the...

corporate social responsibility

A "food insecurity" primer for healthcare providers

We’re in the middle of Nordic’s Community Giveback Week during which we're striving to make an impact in the communities where we live and work. We...

corporate social responsibility

Building stability, breaking the cycle of poverty [Habitat for Humanity]

Tuesday, a Nordic team from the Madison office made it's way to the southwest side of Madison to work on a pretty cool construction site for Habitat...

corporate social responsibility

Join in Nordic’s Community Giveback Week May 16-21, 2016

Giving back has been a core value at Nordic since its earliest days. What started years ago as Community Giveback Day with various service projects...

corporate social responsibility

Nordic @ HIMSS16 - Booth #8233 [rundown]

We have a lot going on during HIMSS16 - and chances are you do too. Here's a rundown of the many ways we'd enjoy catching up with you during...

corporate social responsibility

Nordic helping the veterans, unemployed workers

Nordic is working up with local organizations to benefit veterans and unemployed local residents during the week of its annual Open House....

corporate social responsibility

Nordic consultants go above and beyond for happy holiday

By John Pollard, Nordic Marketing Team...



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