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chronic care management (CCM)

3 things you can do right now in Epic to kickstart your population health journey

Here are a few opportunities for quick wins to start achieving your population health goals by engaging your governance, operational, and analytics teams.

chronic care management (CCM)

Chronic Care Management from three perspectives

Discussion covers CCM from the point of view of the patient, the provider, and then the IT team, sharing some of the different organizational approaches.

chronic care management (CCM)

Improving Chronic Care Management – and getting paid for it

CMS has recently released a few new CPT codes that allow organizations to bill for transition of care management and chronic care management, which can lead to significant returns.

chronic care management (CCM)

HIT Breakdown 6 – New CCM CPT code offers new revenue opportunities

We’re briefly interrupting our population health series to focus on some new revenue opportunities for Chronic Care Management. In today's show, we are joined by Rick Shepardson, Director of Optimization Solutions at Nordic.