Is your perioperative area struggling with the EHR?

Your perioperative area is probably one of the largest revenue generators in your healthcare organization, but it may lag behind other areas in terms of EHR functionality. We focus on optimizing your procedure pass, anesthesia resource management, perioperative dashboards, preference cards, and procedure orders to drive more efficient throughput and improved provider satisfaction with the system.

In this video, Merry Lanzen, Nordic manager of optimization solutions and Eric Pennington, Nordic data & analytics service delivery manager, talk through what we can do to streamline your perioperative area for a direct impact on revenue. 




Merry Lanzen: Hi, I'm Merry. I'm the manager of optimization solutions here at Nordic. The perioperative areas in your organization are probably your biggest revenue generators, but they're also probably lagging behind in terms of EHR functionality, utilization, and adoption. Here at Nordic, we see that. We've seen clients who want to optimize the system that's in place in their perioperative area but need to keep those areas running full steam ahead and generating all that revenue while that's happening. We've designed a service offering that will let you do that.

We're focusing on five components of OpTime and Anesthesia that are most often installed but not super well-maintained, maybe not installed at all, or just under-utilized. Those five components are procedure pass, preference cards, procedural orders management, anesthesia resource management, and perioperative dashbords. Here to tell you a little more about those dashboards is Eric Pennington of our data & analytics team.

Eric Pennington: To be able to meaningfully identify areas for optimization as well as measure the outcomes of optimization projects, your organization needs actionable insight into the pertinent data. Here at Nordic, we have an end-to-end solution strategy where we pair data analysts and scientists with optimization experts around the perioperative department to develop dashboards with metrics such as block utilization and throughput to have actionable analytics at the point of end-user care and the end-user workflow. We're very excited to speak to you about our perioperative solutions and look forward to hearing from you.

Topics: performance improvement

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