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Managed Services Success

Tech-savvy and team-oriented? Managed Services wants you

If you have a technical background, a passion for problem-solving, and a desire to work with a home office team, Nordic’s Managed Services division...

mergers and acquisitions

Is your EHR setting up your merger or acquisition for success?

If your healthcare organization is merging with or acquiring another health system, you know that unifying your EHR is one of your top priorities for...

Managed Services Success

How Loma Linda engaged one partner to tackle Connect and Tier 2 maintenance

Today’s health IT teams have to grapple with competing priorities. Whether it’s extending your EHR to affiliate partners, improving end-user...

Life at Nordic

Could singing opera make you a better healthcare consultant? Q&A with Shane Magargal

When Nordic Senior Consultant Shane Magargal was 13, he heard the voice of Luciano Pavarotti on a compilation CD, and he knew he had found the great...

communication strategies

How to communicate effectively during your EHR transition [podcast]

“We get too much email.” “I’m in meetings all day.” “I have too much going on to read hand-outs.” In the workplace, it sometimes seems like...

Life at Nordic

How to travel for business and stay healthy, happy, and sane

If you’ve ever stood in line for airport security, you know that traveling for business isn’t always glamorous. While most consultants enjoy the...

Data & Analytics

Are you tapping into the well of EHR data at your fingertips? [2-minute video]

We live in a world where the insights gleaned from data are seemingly endless. Twitter data confirms that Monday is the unhappiest day. Phone data...

Epic Consulting

How to find the "human moments" in EHR implementation (and other lessons)

"Be kind," Ian MacLaren reportedly wrote, "for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." This is definitely true in a stressful or frustrating...


Nordic biked 5,867 miles this summer. Don't act like you're not impressed.

If you've noticed that Team Nordic looks a little leaner, tanner, and more windswept this fall, there's a good reason. This summer, we biked 5,867.4...

Epic Consulting

What do our consultants do in their free time? Q&A with Keith Brick

When Keith Brick isn’t consulting for Nordic, he’s often 10,000 feet up a mountainside, trying to get just the right angle to capture a sun-dappled...



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