A "food insecurity" primer for healthcare providers

We’re in the middle of Nordic’s Community Giveback Week during which we're striving to make an impact in the communities where we live and work. We have service events going on in multiple cities across the countrycgw2016.png

Here in Madison, we’ve been partnering with Second Harvest Foodbank for years, and we’ll be volunteering there later this week. One of their more recent initiatives, the HungerCare Coalition, caught our attention as they are focusing on educating and encouraging healthcare professionals to treat food insecurity as a medical condition.

What is food insecurity?

hungercare.jpgThe most basic definition is the inability to provide an adequate amount of nutritious food on a regular basis.

Why does food insecurity matter?

In Wisconsin, 1 in 8 are food insecure, and 1 in 5 of our children are food insecure. These are the local numbers. Although it may vary across the country, we know any amount of food insecurity is simply too much.  

A simple 2-question screener

The HungerCare Coalition is working with healthcare professionals to include a simple two-question screener into patient visits. This screener helps identify food insecure patients and families and gives the provider an opportunity to connect patients and families with local resources that can make a big impact on their health.

Watch this short video to learn more. Could this be one simple way for you to help put an end to hunger?


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