5 reasons not to miss Nordic’s bash this September

While you’re in Madison this September, don’t forget to stop by Nordic on Monday, Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. for our annual bash.


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If you need a reason to RSVP, here are five:

To us, you're a VIP.

We can’t lie; we’re your biggest fan. We want to spend a night treating you like the health IT celebrity you are – rolling out the green carpet, keeping the champagne flowing, and holding back the paparazzi while you exit the limo. The party doesn’t start until you walk in, so don’t leave us hanging. 

Fear of missing out is real.

It’s not just for millennials: More than 50 percent of people suffer from fear of missing out (FOMO), the fear that other people are doing cool things without them. Don’t skip this year’s party and find yourself obsessively looking through photos on social media, wishing you’d gone. Join your friends and colleagues for a night that you’ll be talking about until 2018. 

Your star is on the Walk of Fame.

This year, we’re building the Nordic Walk of Fame – featuring you! Come and see your star, so you can brag to your friends that in at least one corner of the world (Madison, WI), you’re basically Jennifer Lawrence.

We have custom cocktails.

This one is pretty basic. After a long day, you may need a drink, and we have plenty to go around.

Food tastes better in carts.

We think it was Mark Twain who said, “It’s not a party without a food cart.” We may be misremembering, but the gist holds up: Food carts are a fun way to get Madison’s best eats – El Grito, Curd Girl, Melted, Underground, and Banzo – without having to make a reservation. We’ll see you in the cheese curd line. 

We can’t wait to see you – RSVP today!


In case you need an extra nudge, check out our trailer for this year's event:


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