Nordic video series on Epic Conversion Planning: MAKING THE CUT – Episode 15 (Clinical)

Our saga wraps up as Nordic’s John Pollard addresses the night of cutover and post-cutover with Nordic Practice Director Megan Rice and Bellin Epic Operational Lead Gail Boushley. In this episode, we learn about who to recruit for your cutover team, what to do when the unexpected happens, and how to be prepared if it does.

Making the Cut is a Nordic video series that addresses common challenges related to your conversion from legacy systems to going live with Epic. In these episodes, Nordic’s John Pollard talks with Nordic Practice Director Megan Rice and Bellin Epic Operational Lead Gail Boushley, R.N. about their experiences involving clinical cutover.

In this episode John talks with Megan and Gail about these topics:

  • How do you set up a command center on the night of go-live?
  • How many runners do you need, and where do you recruit these runners from?
  • How do you encourage and keep everyone positive during cutover?
  • Who was "Patient Betty?"
  • How do you plan for the unexpected?
  • What are the most important things to do and consider post-cutover?
  • What's the role of super users and how long are they involved?
  • What were some lessons learned?

If you have questions about your Epic implementation, optimization, working with affiliates (including mergers or acquired organizations), or what is possible via remote support, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.

Time: 15 minutes, 54 seconds



Topics: planning, clinical, go-live, cutover, staffing, Epic implementation, Epic project management