Nordic video series on Epic Conversion Planning: MAKING THE CUT - Episode 11 (Technical)

While continuing our Making the Cut series, we’re going to shift focus to the technical side of cutover. In these episodes, Practice Director Joey Vosters leverages the expertise of Nordic consultant Becca Patterson.

Making the Cut is a Nordic video series that addresses common challenges related to your conversion from legacy systems to going live with Epic. In these episodes, Nordic Practice Director Joey Vosters talks with Nordic consultant Becca Patterson about her experiences involving cutover, with a specific emphasis on technical cutover.

In this episode Joey talks with Becca about these topics:

  • What needs to happen before our technical cutover?
  • What kind of end-user support is necessary? What kind of documentation?
  • How can we ensure the integrity of the users in the system?
  • What are good examples of BCA planning?
  • What are some good examples of actual cutover processes?
  • What legacy systems do we need to keep running?

If you have questions about your Epic implementation, optimization, working with affiliates (including mergers or acquired organizations), or what is possible via remote support, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.

Time: 15 minutes, 3 seconds



Topics: cutover, Epic implementation, Epic project management