Nordic video series on Epic Conversion Planning: MAKING THE CUT – Episode 9 (Rev Cycle)

We’re continuing our series on revenue cycle cutover and joined by Nordic consultants Nick Daar and TJ Smith.

Making the Cut is a Nordic video series that addresses common challenges related to your conversion from legacy systems to going live with Epic. In these episodes, Nordic Practice Director Josh Kalscheur talks with Nordic consultants Nick Daar and TJ Smith about their experiences involving cutover, with a specific emphasis on the revenue cycle.

In this episode Josh talks with Nick and TJ about these topics:

  • During the 24-hour cutover time, what are the things that the billing areas are doing and focusing on?
  • How can we be sure we are using the billing system appropriately?
  • What level of involvement does billing usually have in the critical 24-hour period of cutover?

If you have questions about your Epic implementation, optimization, working with affiliates (including acquired organizations), or what is possible via remote support, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.

Time: 9 minutes, 12 seconds




Topics: revenue cycle, billing, go-live, cutover, Epic optimization, Epic conversion, Epic implementation, Epic project management