HIT Breakdown 6 – New CCM CPT code offers new revenue opportunities

We’re briefly interrupting our population health series to focus on some new revenue opportunities for Chronic Care Management. In today's show, we are joined by Rick Shepardson, Director of Optimization Solutions at Nordic.

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CMS has released new codes that offer organizations the opportunity to bill for services that previously had no CPT code. Not only do these codes allow you to move toward value-based care, but they allow you to be reimbursed for this new model of Chronic Care Management. Rick will share his insights about this new opportunity for your revenue cycle.

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Show Notes

[01:00] - Introduction

[01:23] - Integrating operational requirements with technology - not technology for technology’s sake

[02:10] - New opportunities in the revenue cycle – chronic care management (CCM)

[02:55] - Overview of transition of care

[03:06] - Definition of chronic care

[03:45] - Financial impact of getting chronic care right, ROI

[04:18] - How does someone get started in optimizing CCM?

[05:30] - What are the requirements of the EMR?

[05:55] - The impact on improving care

[06:45] - Requirements on long-term planning, documentation

[08:05] - Is this separate from a population health initiative?

[08:49] - What will this program do to our admissions?

[09:42] - What are best practices for getting started with CCM?

[11:04] - What kind of an initiative is this, time wise?

[12:35] - What’s the next step for someone to explore this further?

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