HIT Breakdown 3 – Do I need to buy additional tools to implement a population health program?

We’re continuing our discussion on Population Health on our podcast, the HIT Breakdown. Today we’re going to answer the question, “Do I need to buy additional tools to implement a population health program?”

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Because we’re going to look at what Epic offers in this area, we brought in Nordic consultant Jake Aleckson, who has excellent practical experience with Epic and population health. Jake is joined by Susan Marks, the director of population health at Amati Health.

If you want to talk about population health or other challenges related to getting the most out of your EHR, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.

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Show Notes

[01:25] - Why are people developing tools within Epic (instead of outside of Epic)?

[02:00] - What is Epic’s Healthy Planet?

[02:48] - Review of five-step population health program

[04:15] - What does Healthy Planet offer in terms of identifying your population (Step 1)?

[04:45] - What is a registry?

[06:00] - Can you build custom registries beyond what Epic offers?

[06:27] - What does Healthy Planet offer to help stratify (Step 2) your population?

[09:00] - What does Epic offer in terms of engagement (Step 3)?

[11:50] - Patient-entered questionnaires and MyChart

[12:20] - Flow sheet examples

[12:47] - Device integration?

[13:20] - Video visits?

[13:50] - How does Epic support intervention (Step 4)?

[15:50] - What tools does Epic offer to document the process?

[18:45] - Reporting Workbench and test orders

[20:55] - How does Epic help measure the effectiveness of your population health program (Step 5)?

About the HIT Breakdown

In the HIT Breakdown, we interview industry experts on topics related to health information technology. While the topics will often be related to your Epic EHR, we’ll also be talking about broader issues and strategic challenges that impact your ability to improve healthcare.


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