Optimizing my Birkie and your EHR

By John Pollard, Nordic Marketing Team

I’m getting ready for the Birkie – one of the nation’s largest cross country ski races, which takes place in northern Wisconsin next month. It’s about 30 miles of beautiful, but challenging, hills and trails.

I was out skiing early this morning when I decided to change my routine a bit and go the morning without poles. (Something smarter skiers do more often than I do.) The idea is to look at how you transfer weight, balance and glide when you don’t have the “distraction” of the poles.


While I was experimenting with my body posture, I thought of (and I kid you not) EHR optimization. I wondered how many organizations are afraid to “take away the poles” and see how their EHR is really functioning. To look at their EHR posture.

Over the past years we at Nordic have had the opportunity to help numerous healthcare organizations make minor (and sometimes major) adjustments that are saving them millions of dollars, resulting in better services and improved health outcomes.

The trick to EHR optimization is that you can’t just rip the poles away from the EHR to have a look. You need a team that has the emotional intelligence to slide alongside your team and help them see what a revised EHR posture might do for them. How their lives might be better. How patient care can improve.

And that’s an area where Nordic shines. We’re growing with some of the most experienced and people-savvy Epic consultants you’ll ever find. A client shared this with me about a recent project, “It was hard, but it was fun.”

I’m hoping that my Birkie will be more fun now that I’ve made some adjustments.

Are you ready to give it a try without the poles? Give us a call or check out our Return-Driven Optimization white paper.

Topics: EHR, EHR optimization