Nordic video series: “Beaker Buzz” wrap-up

We hope you enjoyed our Beaker Buzz series and that it provided some helpful information to consider and questions to ask if you have been considering implementing Beaker. If you missed any episodes or didn’t know about the series, there are links to all 10 episodes below.

Beaker is a relatively recent addition to the Epic system. To help you better understand Beaker and make smart decisions around your Beaker implementation, we offer you a series of interviews we’re calling Beaker Buzz. In this series, Nordic Practice Director Lauren Griessmeyer interviews two of Nordic’s expert Beaker consultants to give you the insights you need as you explore improvements to your lab.

If you are interested in evaluating, planning, or implementing Beaker at your organization, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.

Below are links to all 10 episodes and the topics discussed in each video. Or watch the entire YouTube playlist.

Beaker Buzz Episode 1 with Aaron Herzog

Why should you convert from another LIS to Beaker?

How does Beaker integrate with other teams (e.g., billing, procedure order)

What difficulties can you run into while doing an installs?

What interfaces does Beaker have?

Beaker Buzz Episode 2 with Aaron Herzog

What are some client hesitations with AP adoption?

What are some of the areas of biggest struggles around billing for clients?

What are some changes that have to happen to your EAP build?

What are some of the maintenance implications?

Who should own the EAP?

How does sharing of tasks with billing work?

Beaker Buzz Episode 3 with Aaron Herzog

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen in billing?

What are some of the areas that you’ve seen clients “under test?”

Beaker Buzz Episode 4 with Mallory Powers

What is clinical pathology (CP)?

What is anatomic pathology (AP)?

What are the considerations for moving to CP, AP or both?

Why would a client replace their LIS or pathology system (or both)?

Beaker Buzz Episode 5 with Mallory Powers

What are the most successful strategies for staffing your Beaker install?

What areas require “tech savviness?”

What are some of the biggest tripping points in Beaker installs?

How do you fix the challenge of “siloed information?”

Where have you seen clients stumble on integration?

What is the biggest argument for AP?

Beaker Buzz Episode 6 with Aaron Herzog

When would you want to use an experienced Beaker consultant as opposed to an FTE?

Are there areas of a Beaker implementation where an “expert” is especially important?

What is the most important thing clients need to think through with a Beaker implementation?

Are there different considerations with AP of which you need to be aware?

Beaker Buzz Episode 7 with Mallory Powers

What kind of work did Mallory do with the ONC?

How did that experience with ONC and Meaningful Use help her now that she is back consulting on Beaker projects?

What does Beaker do for an organization’s Meaningful Use efforts?

Beaker Buzz Episode 8 with Mallory Powers

How can operational engagement affect a Beaker install?

What are successful strategies for engaging operational leadership?

What are effective strategies for communicating throughout the project?

Beaker Buzz Episode 9 with Mallory Powers

What are effective staffing strategies for Beaker installs?

Where is the biggest “bang for your buck” in using consultants for Beaker installs?

Is there particular integration expertise that is useful when evaluating team members (FTE or consultants)?

What types of experiences specific to AP and CP should you look for?

Beaker Buzz Episode 10 with Mallory Powers

What are the benefits of Beaker?

What are some specific strengths of integration with Beaker?

What are some of the downfalls that come along with project scope changes?

Topics: Meaningful Use, implementation, LIS, Epic Beaker