Nordic video series: “Beaker Buzz” Episode 7

In this 7th episode of Beaker Buzz, we are back with Mallory Powers. This episode is unique in that Mallory shares some of her experiences with the ONC and Meaningful Use and how that impacts her Epic Beaker work today. Mallory is an excellent example of the high-caliber consultants Nordic brings to your Beaker projects.

Beaker is a relatively recent addition to the Epic system. To help you better understand Beaker and make smart decisions around your Beaker implementation, we offer you a series of interviews we’re calling Beaker Buzz. In this series, Nordic Practice Director Lauren Griessmeyer interviews two of Nordic’s expert Beaker consultants to give you the insights you need as you explore improvements to your lab.

In this episode, Lauren talks with Mallory on these topics:

  • What Mallory did in her work with the ONC?
  • How did that experience with ONC and Meaningful Use help her now that she is back consulting on Beaker projects?
  • What does Beaker do for an organization’s Meaningful Use efforts?

Total Time: 3 minutes 25 seconds

If you are interested in evaluating, planning, or implementing Beaker at your organization, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.


Topics: Meaningful Use, lab, Epic Beaker