Nordic video series: “Beaker Buzz” Episode 6

In this 6th episode of Beaker Buzz, we switch back to Aaron Herzog for some of his final insights. Don’t worry, though. We’ll still have more with Mallory in just a few days.

Beaker is a relatively recent addition to the Epic system. To help you better understand Beaker and make smart decisions around your Beaker implementation, we offer you a series of interviews we’re calling Beaker Buzz. In this series, Nordic Practice Director Lauren Griessmeyer interviews two of Nordic’s expert Beaker consultants to give you the insights you need as you explore improvements to your lab.

In this episode, Lauren rounds out her conversation with Aaron, focusing on a these Beaker topics:

  • When would you want to use an experienced Beaker consultant as opposed to an FTE?
  • Are there areas of a Beaker implementation where an “expert” is especially important?
  • What is the most important thing clients need to think through with a Beaker implementation?
  • Are there different considerations with AP of which you need to be aware?

Total Time: 6 minutes 48 seconds

If you are interested in evaluating, planning, or implementing Beaker at your organization, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.


Topics: implementation, LIS, staffing, Epic Beaker