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End-to-end solutions. Person-to-person focus. 

Wondering what makes Nordic different from other consulting firms? The answer is simple. We are the only Epic consulting firm that provides customized end-to-end solutions for your organizational challenges. From strategy and implementation to clinical efficiency and managed services, we tailor solutions to fit your specific needs. 

And our focus on relationships means you'll never feel like just another customer. Our industry-leading health IT professionals will listen first, understand your challenges, recommend and execute the best approach, and deliver results that impact patient care and the bottom line.

The Nordic difference

205 Total clients
700 Total W-2 consultants
30+ Academic Organizations
5 Consultants' average number of Epic certifications

Shared experience, collective knowledge, and a diverse toolbox of solutions

We take full advantage of our collective knowledge and expertise to save you time and money. Using our unique database, we log issues and challenges — scrubbed of sensitive client information — so other consultants can search for answers and put their heads together to find remarkable solutions. The result? Less time spent trying to reinvent the wheel and more time invested in driving success on the ground.

Hands-on support, training, and mentorship

There's nothing like watching consultants do great work only to see them leave without imparting their wisdom onto your team. At Nordic, we are all about sharing what we know. We're not satisfied with our own work until we're confident you know the "how" and "why" behind every action we take.

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A Trusted Partner to Healthcare's Best

KLAS Top Performer
  • 2016 Epic IT Advisory Report & 2016 Comprehensive Healthcare IT Advisory Nordic has also consistently earned elite ranking in Epic Staffing and Implementation Support since its inception.
  • 2016 Optimization Services Producing the highest impact on efficiency and outcomes with over 80 percent of clients reporting a significant positive impact.
Recognized for industry leadership

A recent KLAS report showed that healthcare organizations think of Nordic more than any other consulting firm for knowledgeable, talented consultants with hands-on experience. In the KLAS healthcare consulting perception report, Who Can Help with Current and Future Needs?, Nordic received more positive mentions than any other consulting firm. The report provided the responses from healthcare organizations that were asked to identify the consulting companies that have most often demonstrated five key attributes: proficient, collaborative, strategic, efficient, and trustworthy.

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