Nordic launches “Ask Nordic” to help healthcare organizations quickly pivot operations

MADISON, Wis. — Nordic announced Tuesday that it has launched Ask Nordic, a no-cost service that helps healthcare organizations quickly leverage health IT to address challenges resulting from COVID-19. Healthcare organizations can send questions to, and experienced Nordic teammates will respond with best practice suggestions and tips for configurations related to their health IT infrastructure.

Challenged to quickly scale telehealth, clinical workflows, and online training as well as respond to changes in billing and reimbursement, many organizations are overwhelmed with the growing load caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In many cases, we are already helping clients pivot operationally and adjust,” EVP of Client Partnerships Michelle Lichte said. “We wanted to find an additional way to be available. We have the expertise. We can make it easier. We can help.”

Nordic’s Managed Services division has seen an increase in the need to adapt as clients’ priorities have shifted, but now more than ever, those healthcare organizations still need day-to-day maintenance and support of critical health IT systems.

“Our clients have had to shift many of their priorities during this pandemic, and we’re glad we’ve been able to help them by taking on additional work or shifting our priorities accordingly,” said Managed Services President Vivek Swaminathan. “We’ve also seen an increased interest of our Nordic On-Demand service offering.”

Nordic On-Demand allows clients to offload smaller project or support work on an ad hoc basis.

Nordic has created a collection of health IT COVID-19 resources and recently assembled a group of clients from health organizations for a webinar to talk about how they are using telehealth to combat COVID-19.