About Nordic

Our mission

We're here to enable the best possible experiences and outcomes for patients and their families. That's why we come to work each day.


What does Nordic do?

Healthcare organizations are challenged to deliver higher quality care at a lower cost. Our award-winning team provides consulting services focused on strategy, technology, and operations, as well as managed services, that result in a stronger business with better patient outcomes.


What makes us different?

We put relationships above everything, creating meaningful partnerships with clients and our KLAS-proven consultants to achieve unparalleled results. We've grown on a philosophy of openness and transparency with all partners. We believe that helping healthcare organizations improve the health of their patients and businesses is a vital service to the industry.


What are we working toward?

Our vision is a healthcare system where

  • Patients receive the most efficient and effective care.
  • Patients are delighted by every interaction – from the first contact to billing to follow-up and prevention. Patients feel the organizational compassion at every step in the care continuum.
  • Continuous process improvement is fully embraced by the interdisciplinary team of clinicians, operations, and IT.
  • Every ounce of technology is thoughtfully purchased, implemented, and used to its full potential, supporting those cross-functional teams in best practice, evidence-based workflows.
  • Technology is so well-aligned with the process of care that it becomes almost invisible to the users.

We will continually improve our solution offerings towards this vision, listening carefully to our client partners for the cues on how to best adapt.

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